2018 Topps UFC Knockout Trading Cards 


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2018 Topps UFC Knockout Trading Cards 

delivers (4) Autographed orAutographed Relic Cards, (4) Relic Cards and (8) Base Parallels #’d to 199 or less in Every Box!

Configuration: 12 boxes/4 packs/10 cards


  • (4) Autographed or Autographed Relic Cards
  • (4) Relic Cards
  • (8) Base Parallels


  • (4) Autographed or Autographed Relic Cards in Every Box!
    • Knockout Autographs – UFC’s elite athletes! #’d TBD
      • Parallels: Green #’d to 50, Blue #’d to 35, Red #’d to 8, Gold #’d 1/1
    • NEW! A.K.A. Ink – Great nicknames are highlighted in this set that will feature athlete signatures and their magnificent moniker. Base versions signed in blue ink and #’d to 25.
      • Parallels: Bronze Ink #’d to 10, Gold Ink #’d 1/1
    • Tier One Autographs – Up to 30 of the top tier talent ever to grace UFC’s Octagon are showcased in these ON-CARD Autographs! Signed in blue ink #’d TBD.
      • Parallels: Bronze Ink #’d to 25, Silver Ink #’d to 10, Gold Ink #’d 1/1
    • Knockout Autograph Relics – Pairing the autographs and athlete-worn gear of over 25 of the UFC’s most collectible names. #’d TBD
      • Parallels: Blue #’d to 35, Purple #’d to 25, Red #’d to 8, Gold #’d 1/1
    • Tier One Fight Glove Autograph Relic Cards – Up to 20 athletes with an autograph and a piece of athlete-worn UFC glove. #’d TBD. Gold Parallel #’d 1/1
    • Autographed Tier One Dual Relics – Two athlete-worn relics adorn these cards featuring up to 20 notable UFC athletes. #’d TBD
      • Parallels: Purple #’d to 25, Red #’d to 8, Gold #’d 1/1
    • UFC Champion Autograph Relic Book Cards – Only the best athletes can call themselves a champion. These dual-paneled cards celebrate that few with over-sized relic swatches andathlete autographs, #’d to 5
    • Dual Autographed Tier One Relic Book Cards – Athletes who share a common bond on cards that contain relics and autographs from both, #’d to 10 or less
    • Bitter Rivals Dual Autographed Relic Book Cards – Up to 5 pairs of the most heated rivals are showcased on these cards with autographs and relics of each, #’d to 10 or less
  • (4) Relic Cards in Every Box!
    • Tier One Relics – The elite of combat sports are celebrated on these cards containingathlete-worn gear. #’d TBD
    • Knockout Relics – Featuring athlete-worn gear. #’d TBD
    • Fight Mat Relics – Event-used swatches of UFC Octagon mats are embedded into cards. #’d TBD.
      • Parallels (for all relics): Blue #’d to 50, Purple #’d to 25, Red #’d to 8, Gold #’d 1/1
  • 100-Card Base Set – Featuring the sport’s leading champions, contenders, legends, rising starsand rookies.
    • Parallels: Green #’d to 199, Blue #’d to 99, Red #’d to 8, Gold #’d 1/1
  • Notable Knockouts Insert – Highlighting 10 of the most historic knockouts in UFC historyEach card is limited to 100 copies!